What is Abacus?

The various training course are scientifically designed for the benefits of students in pursuit of academic excellence and to score HIGH MARKS in the examination. Even 1 % improvement in marks changes the fate of the students. The main objective of SMART KIDS is to help students make learning more attractive and interesting. We believe very strongly in the value of unlocking the potential of all learners and helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in life.


Abacus is an educational tool that allows the children to learn calculations and numbers with fun. The child uses his or her fingers to move the beads on the abacus and this collaborative movement of the fingers and the brain are responsible for creating a pictorial memory in the child’s brain. During abacus calculation, the child uses both his hands; this movement spurs activity in both left and right brain, thus initiating the development of cells. All this activity helps in nurturing the brain of the child making him much quicker and accurate in this process.

The Devices used in Abacus training courses make the children see with their eyes first, observe what they see and keep them in their memory. When the practice is repeated, invariably the kids are keen in observing the objects, their minds working faster with the visualization of their outcome to find the answer to the questions posed to them – first in mathematical calculations and then in all other subjects of language, science or Sanskrit. Stimulating the mind to work in a coordinated manner of both the left and right brain segments by Abacus Training courses becomes useful throughout their entire life. Result is they are no more tedious students but show interest in every subject because learning any subject is easier for the child, year after year.

Benefits of Abacus Training

Many people often assume that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers within a few seconds. By itself, it is already an amazing accomplishment for most young children. However, there is more to this because when the children are learning ABACUS, they are actually also undergoing the process developing other aspects of the mind. When the children have acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it is actually only the end result of having developed the following mental abilities: concentration, observation, visualization & imagination, and memory.

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