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Here children learn the basic concept of calculation. They are enabled to used both their hands resulting in the usage of both sides of the brain. Children become more curious and enjoy learning new  things. This is the start of the basics of reasoning and logical thinking.

  • Fee:  Rs.2000/- per Term
  • Duration:  12 Months (3 Terms)


Here children are trained to think logically which results in their reasoning skill development, hence, faster decision making characteristic. Children do calculations much faster resulting in improvement of their academic performance too.

  • Fee:  Rs.2000/- per Term
  • Duration:  12 Months (3 Terms)
Maths genius


Decision making is faster. Leaner to Leader. I can’t to I can do attitude and much more.
Turning children to Global Leaders that’s what SMART KIDS ABACUS family aims.
Our children show high level of confidence, concentration and increased memory.

  • Fee:  Rs.2500/- per Term
  • Duration:  10 Months (2 Terms)

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